Monday Mash-Up ~ Vol. 2, Ep. 39


Recommended Listening
The Promises and Perils of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. And it it will transform how we work and play. On his podcast last week, Tim Ferriss interviewed Eric Schmitt — who ran Google from 2001-2011 and who recently co-authored a book called The Age of AI: And Our Human Future. This is a fascinating interview — a must-listen if you wish to understand AI and its implications for our future.

From the Archives
A Blood-and-Gore Story with Big Business Lessons

In honor of Halloween, I’m pulling one from the archives today. It’s about a show-off surgeon, and it starts like this: “I’m not a surgeon. And I don’t play one on TV. But I know this much: If you’re operating on ONE patient, and THREE people die, you’ve botched the job.”

Read on for the gory details…

…and the business lessons.

Recommended Viewing
Business Lessons from Tim Cook

Apple CEO Tim Cook celebrates his 61st birthday today. Here’s a video in which he shares five business tips. You don’t have to run a multi-billion-dollar company to benefit from these tips. They apply to us all. And they apply to marketing and sales, not just leadership.

Recommended Reading
Which Media Work Best? A Fascinating and Funny Look…

Here’s another great post from the strategist/humorist Tom Fishburne, a.k.a The Marketoonist. He cites an article that says, “A significant number of marketers…look at their own highly unrepresentative media consumption and use that as a proxy for their media planning.” In other words, many marketers choose media channels that they consume, rather than those that work best for their business. Lots of lessons in this post. And lots of laughs with the cartoon.

Words to Ponder
From Tim Cook, re: Steve Jobs

“Maybe the most under-appreciated thing about Steve was that he had the courage to change his mind. And you know — it’s a talent.”

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