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This Made Me Laugh…

By Tom Ruwitch / March 18, 2021 /

Last month, a burger joint in Toronto added a new section to its Ubereats and Doordash delivery menus…  …with items named after office supplies.  You can order a “Basic Steel Stapler” (actually a Fortune Burger).  Throw in a side of “Braided HDMI Cable” (Classic Fries).  Want parmesan on those fries? Then order the “USB Wired…

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How Walt Disney Built the Happiest Place on Earth

By Tom Ruwitch / February 9, 2021 /

Back in the early fifties, when he was trying to build a park like no other, Walt Disney needed to raise some dough. Disneyland was going to cost him $17 million to build. That’s equal to around $165 million today. Walt and his company had done pretty well. But not THAT well so… …he launched…

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Turn Frustration to Fascination and Good Things Happen

By Tom Ruwitch / September 22, 2020 /

I’m enjoying a book called “Blessed Beyond Measure,” by Dr. Tom Hill.   On page 69, Dr. Hill offers an idea that got my attention: Some time ago, I intentionally began using the word “fascinated” when I felt like saying something frustrated me…I realized the frustrating quality of situations causing me to feel frustrated naturally include a legitimate…

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Cool Tools to Remove Background and Apply Effects to Photos

By Tom Ruwitch / September 17, 2020 /

Last week, I shared “5 things you might not know about me…” on LinkedIn.   The post included this picture of me…   A few people told me they liked that picture, and they suggested I use it as my profile picture — instead of the one I was using.  “Sure, why not?” I thought.  But before…

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Don’t choose your marketing channel until you do this…

By Tom Ruwitch / September 15, 2020 /

Here’s a tale of two marketing tips — one right on, the other off the mark.  It starts with a question posted to an online forum:   How can I generate leads for my graphic design business?   Two people responded.   The first person wrote 272 words…  …loaded with one recommendation after another. Use LinkedIn. Try XING…

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How to Create Great Content with Less Effort and Cost

By Tom Ruwitch / July 16, 2020 /

For those of you who would like to produce good, business-building content… …with less time-consuming, costly effort… …here’s a story for you.  On Wednesday, I was one of the speakers at an online networking event.  The guy who organized the event, called me a few weeks in advance, and asked for a presentation topic.  Earlier…

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