Adam Kreitman

Words That Click

"Story Power has an incredible ability to quickly put its finger on what makes a company unique and, more importantly, how to convey that uniqueness in a compelling story that gets attention and showcases how truly special the company is.

It's clear from the first time you talk with him, Tom understands marketing at a higher level than most. Having worked with him both in the role of client and colleague for around 10 years, I know I can always count on him to deliver top-notch work and advice with a level of clarity, candor and professionalism that is exceedingly rare these days. I cannot recommend him more highly.

There are some marketers I've come across over the years who know what they're doing. Then there are the precious few who are on another level than the rest. Ones who I trust completely and have no reservations about referring clients to or reaching out to for help on my own marketing. Tom has well earned a spot at the top of that very short list.”


Neal Albritton

Albritton Financial Services

"Story Power's approach was a breath of fresh air. In a marketplace crowded full of gimmicks, Tom and his team got to the substance to help us rediscover our unique, powerful story.  It’s reenergized our team, attracted ideal prospects, and strengthened our client relationships.  We couldn’t imagine growing our business without having our story as the foundation of every marketing decision.”


Mary Kutheis

MCK Coaching

"Being crystal clear about who your target is and how they think, is the cornerstone for developing a brand and a message that stands out and gets results. But it's much more complex than it sounds... unless you're working with Story Power. Tom has a unique talent for getting to the very core of the message you want to convey so your prospects see that you 'get' them. Story Power uses a thoughtful process - honed over decades - to extract and develop an insightful, meaningful approach to attract your ideal customer or client.”