The Right and Wrong Way to Win Prospects’ Trust

liquid potion

Stephanie Michelle was hunting for a job, and she wanted an edge.

So she dished out $29.95 for a 7.5 ml vial of “Liquid Trust.”

The product description on Amazon says Liquid Trust “can help people gain the trust of others.”

Great for sales people, job hunters, and anyone else who wants others to “feel more positively towards you.”

A priceless love potion that costs just $118 per fluid ounce…


…it didn’t work, at least not for Stephanie Michelle.

“Three interviews. Zero job offers,” she reported in her 2-star review.

Why not 1-star, Stephanie Michelle?

Well…It seemed to work a little bit…

…just not on the people who mattered.

“I think it appears to affect people differently. On my way to the first interview a couple of people went out of their way to help me find the office but other than that no real difference.”

No great surprise there.

Liquid Trust is synthetic oxytocin. That’s a hormone that humans produce naturally.

When naturally produced, oxytocin triggers feelings of trust and well-being.

Synthetic oxytocin? Doctors use it to induce labor in pregnant women.

And websites like pitch the synthetic stuff as a love potion.

I’m not buying it.

Even if I dab a dollar’s worth of “love scent” behind my ears, there’s little evidence to suggest it works on others. And I doubt it can work its magic on a Zoom call.

My preferred love potion: Naturally produced oxytocin, triggered by stories.

Scientific studies have proven: When we hear stories, our bodies naturally release oxytocin. And when that happens, we like and trust the storyteller more.

That works in person. That works online.

So if you want to create a bond with prospects so they like and trust you and are more likely to buy, you have two choices:

1. Dish out $29.95 for a two-week supply of “Liquid Trust” and then roll the dice or

2. Weave more stories into your content (for free) and reap the scientifically-proven rewards.

I’m hosting a free training later today that will show you how to make #2 happen: How to Harness the Magnetic Power of Storytelling to Captivate Prospects and Inspire them to Act.

Details and registration here.

Thanks for reading.

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Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.