Monday Mash-Up ~ Vol. 2, Ep. 36


Recommended Viewing
A Great Example of a Story-Powered Marketing Video

This video is a great example of a story-powered marketing, created by my friend (and financial advisor) Neal Albritton. Pay attention marketers. Notice how much this video evokes the journey prospects/clients wish to take. I love the detail about the grandkids, pets, and vacations. If you’re considering options for financial planning, watch this (I recommend Neal and Albritton Financial Services). But even if you’re all set with planning, watch the video anyway for all the marketing lessons.

Recommended Listening
Brandi Carlile

If you receive my (ware)HOUSE Concerts “Song of the Day” emails (sign up here), you already know… I love Brandi Carlile. Her new album, In These Silent Days, hit the streets on Friday. It is spectacular.

Recommended, Reading, Listening and Viewing
Find Your Voice, Change Your Life

My friend Doreen Downing helps people find their voice so they can speak without fear. Here’s a great way to start: Doreen’s 7 Step Guide to Fearless Speaking. And here’s Doreen’s interview with me on her podcast. I share some stories I’ve never shared publicly before — about how I found my voice.

Recommended Reading
Best Live Chat for Your Website

For many businesses, the problem isn’t lead generation. The problem is intake — what you do when the leads arrive at your doorstep. Adding live chat to your website (and managing it properly) can help you establish report with new leads and convert them to warm prospects and customers. Here’s a great article about the best live chat tools for small businesses.

Words to Ponder
The Power of Being Different…

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

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