You Won’t Believe What This Top Executive is Willing to Do For The Team…

pickup litter

Last week, I toured EPCOT at Walt Disney World with my friend Vance Morris who used to work there and now is the planet’s leading expert on how to “Disnify” your business.

As a surprise, Vance invited his pal Dave to share some insider secrets about how Disney World operates today. Dave is a top-dog at Disney. He runs ALL of the restaurants there. Huge responsibility. He reports to the guy who runs Disney’s entire operation in Orlando.

So here’s the thing that caught my eye when we met Dave in front of the Chinese pavilion at EPCOT:

He was carrying one of those litter pickers. You know… One of those long metal do-hickies with a claw at the end to pick up trash from the ground.

I asked Dave about this because I was surprised to see a top manager walking around with a litter-picker.

He explained: “When I walk the grounds, I usually carry the picker,” he said. “I’ll pick up litter. If I see a trash can that’s full, I’ll empty it. I’m willing to do anything that I would ask anyone on the team to do.”

He puts himself in his employee’s shoes. Walks their walk.

As a result, they like and trust him more.

“Servant leadership,” he called it.

It creates a greater spirit of cooperation. It builds bonds. It makes him more human. It strengthens the community. It reminds everyone on the team; “I’m on your side. We’re all in this together.”

How awesome.

No wonder Disney World is such a well-oiled, profitable machine.

How about your business — especially your marketing? Is it a well-oiled machine?

Here’s one way to do it: Do like Dave does.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Feel what they feel. Empathize with them.

Call it “Servant Marketing.”

When you do that, they’ll know like and trust you more. They’ll know you’re on their side. They’ll be more likely to follow-up with you. They’ll be more likely to buy from you.

Powerful storytelling helps you do this.

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