Why Disney’s Magic-Makers Have Systems for Everything


Remember that time you parked in a giant lot, and when it was time to return to your car, you couldn’t remember where it was? You wandered around the parking lot like a lost lamb — your fury rising like lava — until you stumbled upon your vehicle.

How’d I know about that?! Come on, it happens to everyone, one time or another, doesn’t it?

Just one of those things. Nothing you can do about it if you don’t note your parking spot as you leave your car, right?

Well, little lost lamb, there IS something you can do about it…

…if you misplace your car at Disney World.

The Magic-Makers at Disney know: Guests misplace cars. And they know: When a guest misplaces a car, a day of joy and happiness can quickly turn into an eruption of fury and frustration.

Disney sells happiness. No room for frustration and fury.

So, the Magic-Makers devised systems to help lost lambs find their cars.

Every day — day after day, month after month, year after year — Disney fills the parking lots in the same order. Nothing random. A precise, repeatable system.

Crowd sizes vary. Some days, the lots fill faster than others. So (this is key) shuttle drivers record the time and location when they pick up guests in the lots.

If you misplace your car, contact customer support, tell them what time you arrived. Customer support checks the shuttle logs and tells you where to look for your car.

Joy and happiness restored. Frustration and fury averted.

I heard about this from my friend Vance Morris who spent 10 years working for the Mouse at Disney World. Today he teaches business owners how to Disnify their businesses.

The parking lot story comes from his book Systematic Magic – 7 Magic Keys to Disnify Your Business.

Read this book! You’ll discover that Disney has a system for EVERYTHING.

They don’t conjure all that magic by putting a wizard’s hat on Mickey’s head and waving a wand.

They make magic with careful planning, systems, and training.

SYSTEMATIC Magic. Not hocus-pocus magic.

You’ll learn all about that if you read Vance’s book. And most importantly, you’ll learn how to bring systematic magic to your business.

This matters if you wish your customers to experience joy and happiness, rather than frustration and fury.

By the way, I’m in Orlando right now. And in a few minutes, I’ll join Vance for a behind-the-scenes tour of Disney World. I can’t wait.

Stay tuned. I’m sure I’ll have more magical stories to share in future emails.

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