A-List Copywriter: How to Create Great Content Without Getting Stuck


Yesterday, I interviewed A-List copywriter Jack Turk for an upcoming episode of my podcast, The Story Power Marketing Show.

Wow! Jack delivered the goods! So many gold nuggets about how to create great, client-attracting content without getting stuck. 

I’ll let you know when the episode goes live (later this week). 

For now, a sneak peek…

We talked about writer’s block and how so many business people get stuck in front of the blank screen. 

Long before he became one of the world’s top copywriters, Jack took some playwriting courses in college. This is what he said about that…

“One of the first things you do (when writing a play) is what’s called the ‘collection.’ You don’t just start off and put down act one, scene one.  So at the collection process, (you) start gathering things and throwing them in the bucket. And then (you’re) taking things out of the bucket and putting them down logically, sequentially, into a structure. That works. That’s been proven.” 

Same goes for screenwriting. 

Same goes for business storytelling. 

Don’t sit at a blank screen and let ‘er rip. Odds are you’ll get stuck. The pressure will crush you. The stress will nag you. 

Instead, start by collecting pieces that you can later assemble into a finished product. 

Playwrights call that collection

At Story Power Marketing, we call that story discovery

When you do it this way, you relieve pressure and stress.

“The collection is where you’re free of all stress, free of all pressure, free of all sense of self-evaluation over the quality…about the final product you want to have at the end,” Jack said. 

That sounds pretty good. And, I know from experience, that’s a true story. 

That’s why I focus so much with my clients on how to master story discovery. It cures writer’s block, relieves stress, releases the pressure…

…so you can assemble powerful, client-attracting content with greater comfort and ease.   

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