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Would You Pass on a Dollar to Save a Nickel?

By Tom Ruwitch / February 11, 2021 /

A business coach called me because she wanted to find a better lead generation service.  She helps clients find connections on LinkedIn and turn those connections into customers.   She’d been using a third-party service that worked well…  TOO well, she said.   One of her clients had to pause the service because it generated more leads…

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Email Story: Betrayed by a Travel Brochure

By Tom Ruwitch / April 10, 2020 /

Back in the day, when people used to go on vacation, my mom, dad, brother and I packed up the station wagon and drove west in search of a ghost town. Actually, we were headed to some national parks in Wyoming and Montana. But I insisted we detour. The brochure I grabbed at the Stuckey’s…

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The Solution of False Opt-Outs

By Tom Ruwitch / May 8, 2019 /

My friend who handles PR for a nonprofit had an annoying mystery to solve. One of her email subscribers complained that she had opted-in but was not receiving emails. Then another complained. Then another. As my friend dug into the problem, she discovered that several people on her list were marked as unsubscribed. But those…

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