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Would you pass on a dollar to save a nickel?

By Tom Ruwitch / February 11, 2021 /

A business coach called me because she wanted to find a better lead generation service.  She helps clients find connections on LinkedIn and turn those connections into customers.   She’d been using a third-party service that worked well…  TOO well, she said.   One of her clients had to pause the service because it generated more leads…

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While Santa goes to work, Mrs. Claus does this…

By Tom Ruwitch / December 24, 2020 /

Good morning.  I’m about to take a few days off to celebrate the holidays with my wife, Melissa, and our twins, Maddie and Jake.  Just the four of us. Hunkered down. And, this year, that’s enough.  Before I go, here’s a bit of holiday cheer — a television ad that I like a lot. A…

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What do you think of this Henry Ford quote…?

By Tom Ruwitch / November 10, 2020 /

Can I get your opinion about something?  Henry Ford supposedly said, “If I’d asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, ‘A faster horse!’” Please reply to this email and tell me:  What do you think of that quote? What’s the lesson you draw from it? Have you asked customers what they want? And, if…

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