The #1 Thing to Know Before You Prompt Your Robot


I remember the first time I attended an “AI Training” following the 2022 release of ChatGPT.

The expert shared a mountain of prompts…

…prompts to write an email…

…prompts to generate content ideas…

…prompts to create a Facebook ad…

…even prompts to write a job application.

Everyone in the room dutifully wrote down all the prompts and — presumably — returned to their offices where they fed those prompts to their GPT robots.

I did it too…

…and I was not happy with the results.

My robot generated boring emails bearing no resemblance to the emails I write. When I asked my robot to generate content ideas, same result. Bad, boring ideas.

In the months that followed, I experimented and adjusted. I wrote prompts that reflected the idea-generation and content-creation frameworks I teach.

And slowly but surely, results improved.

My GPT-powered robot, “B-9?” will not replace me as a content creator. But he helps me save time and generate better content.

Fast forward to yesterday at Perry Marshall’s Definitive AI Seminar.

So different, so much better than that first “AI Training” I attended.

No one dishing out mountains of prompts.

Lots of conversations about where AI fits in your business, and why we need to embrace it…

…or else.

Here’s a million-dollar idea I heard at the seminar:

“Don’t just learn the prompt. Learn the thinking behind the prompt”

Here’s another way to put this…

Your GPT-powered robot is dumb. It doesn’t know the difference between a good email and a bad one.

If you prompt it to write an email — without knowing the right framework and structure for your email — you’ll end up with something quickly…

…that might be OK, but could be crummy.

Yes, your robot is fast. But he might lead you down the fast road to failure.

How will you know if you don’t understand the framework and the thinking behind the prompt?

When I share my AI secrets, I always start by revealing the thinking behind the prompt.

I start with a framework, such as my P.L.A.N. structure to create story-powered, client attracting content. And then I build prompts to work within that framework.

When I share the prompt, my audience understands the framework first (the thinking behind the prompt).

If they wish to tweak the content — which they can and should — they can work within the framework to generate ideas and content that will work.

Last year, I shared this approach at a training called:

“How to Use AI Wisely to Save Time and Produce Great Content — Without Sacrificing Your Sparkling Personality and Humanity”

After this week’s seminar, I’m going to update that training and invite you to attend. I’ll share some prompts. But first, I’ll teach you the frameworks — the thinking behind the prompts.

Stay tuned. I’ll share event details later this week.

Don't go away yet..

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