Turn Frustration to Fascination and Good Things Happen

I’m enjoying a book called “Blessed Beyond Measure,” by Dr. Tom Hill.  

On page 69, Dr. Hill offers an idea that got my attention:

Some time ago, I intentionally began using the word “fascinated” when I felt like saying something frustrated me…I realized the frustrating quality of situations causing me to feel frustrated naturally include a legitimate — maybe even equal — fascination. 

That’s a powerful idea — an idea that can help you build powerful business-building stories.  

Here’s what I mean… 

We’ve all experienced this: Our messages don’t stick. Prospects don’t respond. They yawn and tune out. They FRUSTRATE us.  

What happens, though, when we turn that frustration to fascination?  

Our prospects are FASCINATING. Run with that.  

The more we embrace this, the more fun and interesting it is to discover what makes prospects tick.  

Why did they tune out? Fascinating question.  

What keeps them up at night? Fascinating question.  

What do they crave? Fascinating question.  

The more we study them, the more we get to know them.  

And the more we get to know them, the better able we are to craft marketing messages that mean something to them. Messages that reflect our prospects’ challenges and wishes. Messages that attract them, keep them tuned in and inspire them to act.

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Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.