Today’s Email From Me


Quick question: 

Why did you open this email? 

Really, it’s not a trick question. Please shoot me a quick reply and let me know. You can do that now (the rest of this email can wait). 

So…back to the question at hand… Why’d you open the email? 

It couldn’t have been the subject line, right?  

The subject line stinks.

“Today’s email from me”  

That breaks every subject line rule in the book. I had to think hard to come up with one so bad. 

And then there’s the pre-header (that teaser copy that some people see as a preview in their inbox): “You may open this email if you wish” 

Awful. Might be worse than the subject line. 

Yet, here you are…125+ words into this email (and counting), venturing onward. 

You can turn back if you want. Close the email. Flee through the emergency exit. Get on with your day. 

Or you can keep reading because – maybe, just maybe – I’ll share some glistening nugget of marketing wisdom that will enrich you and your business. 

(I’ll wait for you to decide)

Oh, hi! You’re still here.

Good choice. 

Because here comes that nugget…

So-called marketing experts tell you the subject line is the most important factor in getting your emails opened and read. 

It’s not. 

The most important factor:

…the FROM name…

…as in, “FROM: Tom Ruwitch.” 

Imagine receiving an email from “ ” with the subject line “Today’s email from me.” 

Would you open it? 

I think not. 

Yet, here you are, 260+ words into an email from “Tom Ruwitch” with the subject line “Today’s email from me.” 

What’s the difference? 

You know Tom Ruwitch. You like Tom Ruwitch’s emails. You trust Tom Ruwitch will deliver the goods when you venture into his email world. 

So, when you see “FROM: Tom Ruwitch” in your inbox, you’re more likely to open that email. You assume that email will contain treasure, not trash. 

Here’s another question… 

If someone received an email “FROM: Ryan” (a.k.a you) with the subject line “Today’s email from me,” would they open it? 

Would they read to the bottom? 

Would they get to the call to action? 

Would they act? 

Not if you have a track record of delivering the same old boring email trash that so many others dish out. 

Which leads me to my call to action…

You’re invited…

…to a free workshop tomorrow (Friday) — How to Transform Your Emails from Trash to Treasure — where I’ll walk you through ways to create content that subscribers look forward to receiving, itch to open, and read from beginning to end. 

This is 5in25 workshop — five tips delivered in 25 minutes, followed by Q&A. I’ll reveal: 

  • How to create emails that subscribers open as soon as they arrive (and read with great interest)
  • Simple ways to come up with an endless supply of topics that readers will consider “great stuff”
  • A powerful, proven formula for creating irresistible subject lines.
  • The greatest mistake that most marketers make with their email — and how you can avoid it.

Five tips in 25 minutes, followed by Q&A. The workshop on Friday, June 3 begins promptly at 12 p.m. EDT, 11 a.m. CDT (and it won’t be recorded).

Click the button below to register…

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Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.