The Salty Popcorn Marketing Method

I miss movie theater popcorn.

A large bucket. Plenty of salt. None of that fake butter.

On a good day — especially if my wife grabs a few handfuls from the first bucket — I go for the free refill.

Ahhh…such fond pre-pandemic memories.

When the movie theaters reopen, I’ll rush back…

…not because I have to see a good movie. I’ve seen plenty of good movies from the Shelter-in-Place Cine’ in my living room.

I’ll rush back for that bucket of salty goodness.

Because it’s not the featured attraction that draws us in. It’s the salt and crunch. The add-ons.

So it goes with your marketing messages — and the stories you add to spice ‘em up.

Some prospects and customers might pay attention if you offer tips, share resources or pitch your products in the same, stale manner — like a crusty old professor.

But they won’t gobble it up and come back for refills…

…and they’re far less likely to act (buy, donate, refer, etc.)…

…UNLESS you deliver those tips and resources with a heaping bucket of entertaining stories.

Think about the emails you like to read. Which are most entertaining and memorable?

The lectures, lists, and treatises? Or the stories?

That’s the point of story-powered marketing. It attracts attention. It keeps people tuned in and rushing back. It inspires them to act.

Dishing out your content without a story is like showing the movie without the popcorn.

It’s just not the same.

So how can you dish out compelling stories with your marketing content? 

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Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.