How a Master Copywriter Got the Scoop on His Target Market

I recently heard this interesting tidbit about Eugene Schwartz, a genius copywriter who penned ads that generated massive sales:

He had a secret way to get the scoop on his target market…

He would go to the theater to see all the hit movies…

…and he would see the blockbusters TWICE.


Because if you’re going to generate massive sales to the masses, you have to understand the masses. 

So Schwartz would sit through those movies, even if he hated them…

…because they revealed what makes the masses tick. 

Blockbuster movies reflect and feed off the emotions of those who see and love them. The masses flock to the box office hit because they can relate to the story and the characters. 

If that weren’t so, it wouldn’t be a hit. 

Schwartz understood: 

If you want to attract prospects, keep them tuned in, and inspire them to act, you have to write stories that reflect and feed off their emotions. 

If you don’t do this, your copy will bore and repel, not inspire and attract. 

The movies taught him a lot about his target market. And he used that knowledge to write some of the most effective marketing stories ever published.  

You may not be selling to the “masses.” 

But the lesson still applies. 

Learn what makes your target market tick. 

Don’t just assume you know. 

Do your research. 

What are they watching? What are they reading? What are they saying — on social media and elsewhere? What are they buying (movies or otherwise), and what is it about the product that appeals to them? 

The more you know, the more you’ll connect with them…

…because you connect with people when you show that you get them. 

Eugene Schwartz got that. 

Do you wish your marketing copy could connect more with the prospects it targets?

Wondering how to understand your prospects better so they get you and buy from you? 

I’ll share some ideas with you, for free…

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Thanks for reading.

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