If You Had The Best Product In The World…


If you had the best product in the world, how would you market it? 

I spotted that question on a marketing forum last week…

…and I was sad — but not surprised — to see the responses.

Every single response focused on tools and tactics. 

“I would personally advertise it through Google advertisements, PPC. I believe PPC gives the best return on investment compared to any other marketing platform,” said one. 

Another suggested YouTube. 

Someone else mentioned TikTok. 

Here’s the thing…

You can have the best product in the world. 

You can choose the best marketing channels to trumpet that product. 

You can implement the best tactics for those channels. 

You can hire the best tacticians. 

And none of it will work…

…If you you don’t deliver powerful, captivating stories. 

So if I had the best product in the world, here’s how I’d market it: 

I’d start by asking what makes prospects tick. I’d discover their stories. 

What problems do they aim to solve? What transformations to they wish to achieve? 

In other words: WHY do they want or need my best product in the world?

Once I discover the stories, I’d focus on the tools and tactics I need to deliver them. 

That’ll work. 

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Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.