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A few months ago, I asked my 21-year-old daughter to help me lug trash from the three barrels next to our house to the dumpster in the alley.

She was home from college for a couple of weeks, and I thought she could pitch in.

She shot me one of those looks that said, “Dad, I’m on vacation. I’m a student, not a trash hauler.”

I considered fighting back, flexing my parental muscle, showing her who’s boss, but, instead…

I smiled and said, “I’ll take care of this first barrel. You can handle the other two.”

Her expression softened, and she said, “OK. I’ll get it done after lunch.”

And she did get it done.

I thought of my trash-hauling daughter this week when I read about a fascinating study that puts this story in perspective.

A car wash that wanted to encourage repeat business launched a loyalty program. The carwash gave customers a “loyalty card” which was stamped and dated following each purchase.

The business tested two cards: The first card required eight stamps, with none pre-stamped. The second card required 10 stamps, but two spots were already stamped when customers received it.

The two cards required exactly the same commitment from customers: Pay for eight car washes to get the ninth one for free.

But the cards generated different results…

After six months, 19 percent of customers who received the first card (eight stamps, no head-start) had redeemed the free car wash. Thirty-four percent of the those with the second card (10 stamps, with the two-stamp head-start).

What gives?

Human beings are more motivated when they perceive that they’re making progress or have a head start. This study reflects that. Countless other studies support that.

And the closer we humans get to a goal, the more motivated we become. In the car wash study, customers waited less time between visits (about a half day less on average) with every car wash that was purchased.

This has big implications for anyone trying to motivate others — parents asking kids to clean their room or take out the trash; teachers encouraging students; sales people closing the sale; supervisors inspiring employees.

Have you leveraged this concept at home or your business? If so, how? I’d love to hear from you. If not, can you imagine ways that you might? If you’d like to brainstorm, I’d be happy to discuss it with you. Shoot me an email, and I’ll schedule a call with you.

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