40 Years Later, I Still Remember This…

I was cleaning out a closet the other day and found an old biology textbook. 

As I paged through it, I was struck (stunned, saddened) by how little I remembered. 

Then I got to the chapter about animal biology…

…and my memory clicked: “Kids prefer cheese over fried green spinach.” 

That’s the little story I told myself 40 years ago when I was in Ms. Bahe’s 9th grade biology class so I could remember how biologists organize living organisms:

Kingdom (Kids)

Phylum (prefer)

Class (cheese)

Order (over)

Family (fried)

Genus (green)

Species (spinach)

I got that question right on the biology test because that little story about spinach stuck in my 15-year-old brain. And it still sticks all these decades later. 

That little story is a mnemonic — a tool that helps to organize facts or large amounts of information. 

Mnemonics work because stories stick. Our brains are wired to remember stories. 

Remember that next time you’re delivering information to a prospect. 
If you want your prospect to remember, tell a story. 

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