Why Nicole Kidman Did This for Tom Cruise…

Back in the 1990s, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise were Hollywood’s IT couple. 

A fairy-tale marriage. Three movies together — including a really creepy one called “Eyes Wide Shut” and this: 

When their love was shining brightly, Nicole dished out a few dozen bucks to the International Star Registry. She chose a twinkly little star and named it “Forever Tom.” 

I thought of Nicole and Tom last month when I got an email from a company pitching property on Mars. 

Yes…THAT Mars. The Red Planet.

$12 for one acre. A map of your acre’s location. An owner’s deed. A NASA report on Mars exploration, and a photo eBook. All available for immediate digital download.

My first reaction: “What a scam!”

But then I thought again.

Does anyone who buys an acre on Mars really think they OWN that little corner of heaven?

Do they plan to load up the rocket ship and move the family to Martian Acres?

Do they imagine they’ve made a savvy real estate investment?

I don’t think so. Most who buy this deal are NOT suckers.

They understand the offer’s fine print: “Novel gift for entertainment purposes only.”

I think they buy an acre on Mars so they have a story to tell. Or so they can surprise a friend or relative with a unique gift. Or because they like that Matt Damon movie “The Martian.”

There are worse reasons to spend $12.

I imagine a mom and dad giving their 10-year-old a telescope for her birthday, along with that deed and that map. I can picture that delighted kid focusing that telescope on Mars, showing the map and deed to her friends, getting fired up about astronomy.

Priceless memories for $12.

It costs more than three-times that to name a star.

I’m not here to shill for the Mars land rush.

I’m here to help you grow your business.

If you want to create marketing that attracts leads, keeps them engaged, and inspires them to act, you have to dive deep and put yourself in your prospect’s world. You have to imagine their story.

When I first reacted to the Mars ad, I didn’t dive deep. I assumed the sellers are scammers, and the buyers are suckers. But it’s not that simple.

Each buyer has a story that explains what makes them tick and why they buy.

You’ve bought a memento before, haven’t you? You bought with eyes wide open, didn’t you? Why’d you buy? What’s your story?

Which brings me back to Nicole and Tom. 

I know. It didn’t work out for them in the end. But on that night when Nicole pointed to the heavens and revealed, “Forever Tom,” they were very much in love. She was no idiot. That star was worth 36 bucks. 

p.s. In a few weeks, I’ll be launching a brand new program to help coaches, consultants, and other thought power up their stories so they can attract leads, keep them tuned in and inspire them to act. If you’d like to learn more about that, email me ([email protected])…

…with the subject line: “I’d like to know about your new storytelling program.” 

I’ll reply with the details. 

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