? Why I’m Focused on Habit-formation

eye progressives

A few days back, I was seeing double.  

Not in the metaphorical, mad-as-hell kind of way.

No, I was literally seeing double. 

On Saturday, I began wearing glasses with progressive lenses. 

I’ve used reading glasses for the last few years. But I can’t wear those while driving or at a hockey game or watching TV. 

So if I wanted to adjust the cabin temperature in my car, check my email at the game, or work on my laptop while watching Batman reruns, I grabbed my reading glasses – if I had a pair nearby. 

But somehow, the readers are rarely nearby – even though I have more than 20 pairs scattered around. 

So my ‘til-death-do-us-part pal, Melissa, suggested progressives. 

“You can wear them all the time,” she declared…

…as if this would be easy. 

I got the glasses on Saturday. And on Monday, I wore them all day in front of the computer. 

The double vision began on Monday evening, while I was watching the baseball game between the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets. 

Longstanding baseball tradition: One ball on the field at a time. I saw two. 

Then came the gray, squiggly line shadows in my peripheral vision. Somehow, I managed to search google, read the results (2X) and learn: Those shadows are called “floaters.” 

Turns out this happens when eyes adjust to progressives — especially at the end of long days. Tired eyes. Headache. Some blurring. A bit of double vision. Maybe some floaters. 

I marched into the kitchen and announced, “I don’t think these are working for me.” 

Melissa (calm, cool, collected) preached patience. “It will take a while for your eyes to adjust.” 

That’s not what I wanted to hear! 

I wanted her to validate my frustration. I wanted permission to quit. 

“Can I return them? Can I get a refund?” I barked. 

“No,” she said (calm, cool, collected). “GIve it some time. Your eyes will adjust.” 

Now, I was seeing double in that mad-as-hell kind of way. I mumbled something (“Yeah, right!” I think it was), turned my back on my wife, and stormed from the room. 

So much for the charming, happy-go-lucky guy Melissa married. 

But then I slept on it. And my vision was a little better yesterday. 

And now,  here I sit on Wednesday morning, wearing the progressives, and my eyes have adjusted a bit. Gradual progress. 

No more double vision. I still see the floaters. But, supposedly, my brain will get used to them, and the shadows will “disappear.” 

Over the next couple of weeks, my eyes will continue to make tiny adjustments, and I’ll see more clearly. Wearing those progressives will become a well-established habit. 

Funny coincidence: I’m reading a book right now about habit formation – Atomic Habits by James Clear. 

The big idea: Tiny adjustments gradually add up to remarkable results. 

You don’t achieve big goals (you don’t establish meaningful habits) overnight. 

You build gradually – one small step, one adjustment at a time. 

Kind of like me and those progressives. 

I’m not reading Atomic Habits to adjust to my glasses. 

I’m reading this book because…

…good habits breed success. 

Because we live longer and feel better when we develop healthy eating and exercise habits. 

Because we develop mastery and expertise when we habitually study and learn. 

Because we create more captivating, client-attracting content when we develop a writing habit.  

And the list goes on. 

I teach experts how to turn content from boring to brilliant, from prospect-repelling to client-attracting.

That means I teach them how to implement simple systems, how to develop content-creation habits – so the process transforms from frustrating to fulfilling and fun. 

It’s all about habit formation which is why I’m reading the book (for the third time), and why…

Ted Prodromou and I have chosen Atomic Habits as next month’s selection for the Mastermind Book Club. 

Every month, Ted and I choose a book to discuss. Read it if you want, but you don’t have to. 

In our online community, Ted and I — along with other members — will share takeaways from the book and discuss how we can turn lessons learned into business-building action. 

Once a month, Ted and I will host a live event for all members to get together and discuss the book. 

We’re hosting the April event on Thursday to discuss this month’s book, Yes! by Robert Cialdini. You can attend the session and learn from it even if you haven’t read the book…

…but you have to be a member. 

Go to MasterMindBook.club to join. It’s free. 

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