This LinkedIn Pickup Line Fell Flat

Cartoon of Pickup Artist

My brother, Mike, got a LinkedIn request the other day from a guy who wrote this: “Love to Connect. I just got a radar that detects high-performance humans. Damn thing won’t stop going off since I saw your profile.”

That’s some fancy-schmancy, make-believe radar.

Mike wasn’t impressed.

No connection for you, Radar Man.

I shared this with my Story Power VIP Coaching group yesterday.

I told them: Messages like this remind me of a guy I knew in college.

That guy tried to pick up women (emphasis on “tried”) with cheesy pickup lines that were more rotten than spoiled roquefort…

…like this stinker: “That dress looks great on you…It would look even better on my bedroom floor.”

Maybe some people fall for these rotten, cheesy pickup lines.

But YOU don’t need ‘em.

You don’t need lines that people will fall for.

You’re better than that.

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Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.