The tragic Tale of Sweetie and The Prince of Joy


Sana met “Prince of Joy” in an online chat room after she grew tired of her husband, Adnan.

She called herself “Sweetie” in the chat room, and she poured her heart out to Prince of Joy.

Prince poured back. 

They had so much in common. Both from Bosnia. Both in loveless marriages. Both looking for a soulmate. 

After months of online chat, Sweetie and Prince of Joy decided to take the plunge. They were perfect for each other. They would meet in person. 

And if all went according to plan, they would divorce their spouses and run off together. 

Sweetie and Prince of Joy arrived for their meeting at the appointed time. 

Each carried a rose (just like on reality TV) so they could spot each other.

There they stood…

…Sweetie and Prince of Joy…

…a.k.a Sana and Adnan…

…anticipating a romantic rendezvous with a new lover…

…but revealing, instead, their cheatin’ hearts. 

Cheating on each other with each other. 

So what now? 

Embrace the love they discovered as Sweetie and Prince of Joy? 

Or wallow in anger, betrayal, and heartbreak. 

Sana and Adnan chose anger, betrayal, and heartbreak.

“Couple Divorce
After Having Affair
With Each Other Online”

That’s the headline from an article about Sana and Adnan.

My pal Adam sent the article to me last week and challenged me to turn it into an email. 

So here we are. 

Story told. 

And now I’m wondering why the story wasn’t different, why the headline wasn’t: 

“Couple Rekindle Love After Having Affair With Each Other Online.” 

I can’t judge Sana and Adnan for their choices.

I can only wonder why they chose one story (betrayal and heartbreak) over another (love rekindled). 

This is a story about the stories we tell ourselves…

…how we attach different meanings to the same set of events…

…how we lock on to one meaning while dismissing – or never even considering – the other.

We tell ourselves a story. We frame the story as THE reality. We let that “reality” govern our actions — for better or worse.

We do this in our personal lives. 

We do this in our business lives. 

Power and progress come when we notice the stories we tell ourselves, when we embrace the stories that carry us forward, and when we reframe the stories that hold us back. 

Don't go away yet..

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