The Importance of Building Human Connections…

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I launched my new podcast, The Story Power Marketing Show, back in July. We’re up to eight episodes.

Last week’s is a good one. It’s all about being HUMAN. The episode title: “Act Like a Human, Not a Humorless Robot (with Dr. Heather Walker)”

The more human you are in your business, the more HUMAN your business relationships will be. That’s good for your clients. That’s good for your employees. And that’s good for you and your business.

Dr. Heather Walker is all about making organizations more human so they function more effectively. She is an organizational psychologist who is the Creative Founder and CEO of Lead with Levity.

She works with small- to mid-sized businesses and consultants to help them build human connections with their employees, prospects and customers so they can lead better and sell more.

You can listen anywhere you get your favorite podcasts (Apple, Google, Spotify, etc.). Just search Story Power Marketing Show.

Or you can get the audio, excerpt video or full episode video HERE.

If you like what you see/hear, post a review. I’d be grateful.

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