Relationship-building For Dummies (A Cautionary Tale)


Wrap your head around this story…

A business owner delegates LinkedIn to an assistant. 

The assistant gets an AI-powered robot to help him. 

He gives the robot the URL of a LinkedIn post. The robot “reads” the content. Then the robot composes and submits a comment under the owner’s name. 

The marketing assistant loves the robot. The comments “sound genuine, human, and high-effort,” he chirps in an online marketing forum.

But the assistant complains the robot makes mistakes. 

“Unfortunately, the comments aren’t always accurate. Occasionally, (the robot) will generate a comment that doesn’t make much sense with the post.”

Then the assistant has to “refresh” the comment himself.

(Oh! The horror!)

Such a shame, he says, because for “someone like me who uses LinkedIn to build relationships with leads for my employer, (the robot) is a great help.” 

And the robot is less helpful if you have to monitor its output and fix its mistakes. 

It has come to this…

Business owners who delegate “relationship-building…”

…to assistants who delegate…

…to robots.

(Holy “Cyrano de Bergerac,” Batman!)

Welcome to the AI-powered race to the “relationship-building” bottom.

The new standard for some: SOUND human, genuine, and high-effort…

…even though you’re none of the above. 

Generate content and “engage” with as little human involvement as possible and…

…call this “relationship-building.”

Relationship building for dummies.

Count me out.

I’m fired up about AI. Last week I co-hosted a training to reveal how AI can help us work less and accomplish more (replay here).

But I won’t employ my robots as social media stand-ins or ghost-writers for my emails, blogs and other content. 


SOUNDING human, genuine, and high-effort is NOT enough.

Everyone can get a robot. Today. For free.

So everyone can dish out social posts, comments, emails, blogs, and other content that sound human, genuine, and high-effort. 

As more and more humans delegate to robots, their content won’t stand out. It will be…

…just another needle in the giant haystack of AI-generated sameness. 

Today, when AI engagement-tools remain cutting-edge, your robot-generated “relationship-building” may get noticed. 

But not tomorrow, when the masses adopt the same tools. 

Picture that LinkedIn post with 15, 50, or 500 robot-generated comments — all that sound human, genuine, and high-effort. 

Will anyone notice your comment? Will you build any business-boosting relationships this way? 

Lazy marketers ask, “How can I create content that sounds human, genuine, and high-effort with the least effort possible?”

Smart marketers ask…

How can I stand-out
and build real, 
human relationships?

The answer: As more and more marketers delegate content creation to robots, you will stand out when…


Your content. 

Your voice. 

Your personality. 

Your unique perspective. 

Your stories. 

Your humanity.

The robots can help you (they help me in countless ways). But they can’t do it all.

Sure, this requires more effort than giving your robot a prompt and pressing a button.

You must learn how to create authentic, human, captivating, story-powered content. 

But it’s worth the effort, if you want to stand out and escape from the haystack of AI-powered sameness. 

I have strategies, tools, and tactics to help you do it. 

p.s. I help coaches, consultants, and business leaders discover and deliver powerful stories that captivate prospects and inspire them to act. Whenever you're ready, here are several ways I can help you become a storytelling stand-out so you'll land more clients without pitching and prodding:

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Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.