If This is Your Mindset, Get a Job at Amazon


Every so often, I hear from a sad-sack marketer who plays the “easy for you to say” card…

…as in “Write story-powered emails that captivate prospects? Easy for you to say, Tom. You’re a storytelling genius.”


I heard from someone yesterday who griped about my list-building advice. 

In yesterday’s email, I encouraged you to add testimonials to your email signup page. I noted I have 18 testimonials on mine. 

I wrote: “You don’t need 18 testimonials on your signup page. Start with one. Then add another. And another.” 

Gripey reader’s complaint: “Easier said than done, Tom. I don’t have a bunch of happy readers, like you have, sending me thank you notes after I email them.” 


I wanted to reply, “OK, then, Gripey. You may as well pack it in. Don’t bother trying. It’s not happening for you. You don’t have what it takes. Quit marketing your business. Go get a job. I hear Amazon is hiring drivers and warehouse workers.” 

I held my fire, though. 

Here’s the thing…

IF I’m a storytelling “genius” (whatever that is), it’s because I’ve put in the work to become one. 

I have happy readers because I’ve put in the work to write emails they like. 

And, now the most important bit:

I have 18 testimonials on my website because I worked hard to collect them. 

Sure, I occasionally get unsolicited, testimonial-worthy thank you notes from readers.

But most of those 18 testimonials came from readers I reached out to. 

I designed a system. I worked the system. 

I’m not saying that’s “easy.” But I am saying…

YOU can do it. 

On my email signup page, I say: .

YOU can do this.
Yes, my emails are darn good. And yes, my subscribers love them.
But it’s important that you know…
…I’m not an email unicorn.
Sure, some say I’m a ‘storytelling genius.’
But you can be a storytelling genius, too.
We all have the ability to create compelling, client-attracting content. That includes YOU.
It’s not magic. You don’t need to summon a muse.
You just need systems and habits to help you tap the creative well within you.
I can teach you the systems. I can help you develop the habits.

So when I replied to the gripey reader yesterday, I shared with her my  testimonial building system, which I now share with you:

  1. Send emails your readers like to read. If you don’t have this part down, you shouldn’t be asking people to sign up yet. (Anyone can do this; I can show you how).
  2. Use your email marketing software to identify your most engaged readers. (Use an email marketing platform that tells you who opened and clicked).
  3. Send a message to your engaged readers. Personalize it for each reader. Not a mass email with the same message for each. Thank them for reading your emails, and ask them to send you a testimonial. 

Lots of ways to do #3. I sent an email with a personalized video. Here’s one I sent to a happy reader named Mark: 

Yesterday’s email was about list-building. My advice: Just ask.

Same goes for testimonials. 

Just ask. 

You don’t have to send a video. A simple email works. Maybe a phone call. Ask however you wish. 

So, yes, it IS easy for me to say: Design a system to collect testimonials. Put in the work. Publish the testimonials on your signup page. And more people will sign up. 

This isn’t magic. You can do this. 

Don't go away yet..

p.s. Coaches, authors, and consultants hire me to power-up their creative content and storytelling to captivate prospects, stand-out and book more business.

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