How to Land More Business With Less Selling

I read a definition of “marketer” yesterday that may be the best I’ve ever seen.It came from Troy Broussard, one of my favorite marketers and a top-notch product developer. He co-created Learnistic, the mobile platform on which I run the Story Power Marketing app

He said a marketer is “a person that creates such a strong and powerful story and allure around their product or service that selling becomes superfluous.” 

That pretty much nails it. 

Let’s break that down to three BIG ideas: 

1: Marketers create strong and powerful stories. Amen, Troy. I might adjust that to say ” smart and successful marketers…” But the point stands.

2: The right story creates “allure” around a product or service. Merriam-Webster defines “allure” as “power of attraction or fascination.” Yes! Good marketing with a powerful story attracts and fascinates.

3: With powerful marketing, selling becomes unnecessary (superfluous). And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the biggest and truest idea of them all. 

I hear some of you saying, “Wait a minute! What do you mean ‘selling is unnecessary!?’ We have to ‘sell’ to grow our business.”

Yes, yes. I hear you. In many businesses, we still have to connect with a prospect to close the sale — even when our marketing is great. 

But alluring marketing makes the close SO much easier. It eliminates so much of the uncertainty, headache, and hassle.

When your marketing attracts and fascinates, you spend WAY less time chasing prospects. Your marketing draws them in. They’re fascinated. They want to know more about your products and services. They’re less resistant. 

That means less cold-calling. Less rejection. Less frustration. Less uncertainty. Less headache. Less hassle.

All the stuff that makes selling such a drag… that becomes superfluous. 

But remember what Troy said… 

This doesn’t happen with any old marketing. This happens with story-powered marketing. By Troy’s definition, without “a strong and powerful story” you’re not even a marketer. 

You don’t have to be the kind of marketer Troy describes. That’s not for you if you prefer chasing prospects, burning holes in the old shoe leather, and overcoming resistance through sheer force of will and persistence. Hard work and hustle can overcome a lot if you have the energy, drive, and thick skin to work that way. 

But if you prefer an easier, better, less painful way…

Next week, I’m going to host a free, live training in which I reveal a Masterpiece Ad and show you how it creates a story-powered super magnet (a.k.a. big-time allure) that attracts leads, keeps them tuned in, and inspires them to act.

This ad helped a modest, family-run business grow from $10 million per year revenue to a publicly-traded behemoth earning more than $250 million per year.

And this ad will help you create the kind of story-powered marketing that will make selling superfluous…

…or, at least, make closing SO much easier. 

To claim your spot at the Aug 5. (2 p.m. CDT) training (and learn more), go to

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Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.