How Joyce Saved Her Family From a Deadly Twister


Just before the twister hit, Joyce walked out to her pickup truck to roll up the windows.

It was November 15, 1988, and the high temperature in Davisville, MO was 70F that day – 15 degrees above normal. 

Rain was falling. The wind was beginning to whip. 

Joyce, her husband Jim, and their daughter Shannon knew a storm was coming. They just didn’t know how bad it would be. 

In Davisville, MO, there were no tornado sirens. And in 1988, weather forecasters didn’t have the same storm-tracking tools they have today. 

But Joyce had lived in the Ozarks for 40+ years, and she knew a thing or two about these hills and hollers.

So as she returned from the pickup truck, around 8:55 p.m., she suddenly could tell: 

BIG TROUBLE was blowing in.

“Get to the basement…NOW!” she screamed, as she ran into the house. 

Less than two minutes later, the tornado was on top of them. 

It ripped the house from the foundation. 

It lifted the pickup truck, parked 75 feet from the house, and deposited it, nose down in the basement – in the corner opposite where Jim, Joyce, and Shannon huddled. 

And then it was gone. 

Joyce, Jim, and Shannon survived, unhurt. 

If Joyce had not gone outside to roll up those truck windows, if she had not screamed for them to run for cover, that tornado might have blown them away. 

How did she know? 

She didn’t hear it. 

She couldn’t see it. 

What clued her in? 

It was the cedar. 

As she walked from the truck to the house…

She noticed the aroma of cedar. 

This wasn’t a faint whiff. 

No, this was an explosion of cedar. 

And Joyce knew. 

Cedar trees were snapping upwind. 

And the tree-snapping wind was blowing her way. 

That’s when she began to run and scream…

…because she NOTICED the aroma of cedar.

Joyce’s house was just down the road from my wife’s family farm. 

Joyce told my mother-in-law that story, and my mother-in-law shared it with me.

And now I share it with you…

…Because I believe in the POWER OF NOTICING. 

The more you pay attention, the more you notice, the more power you’ll have…

…to escape storms before they hit…

…to see opportunities before they arise. 

Great marketers are great noticers. 

They pay attention to their market. They notice and discover…

…what prospects are saying…

…what prospects are feeling…

…what makes prospects tick…

…their prospects’ stories. 

And the more they notice and discover, the more power they have to land more clients and establish strong relationships with them. 

Want to establish a habit of noticing and learn how to systematically discover client-attracting stories? I can help. See the p.s. below…

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