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The wonders of technology. My wife, Melissa, and I spent yesterday checking the “Find My Friends” app on our iPhones, tracking the missing piece in our family’s home-for-the-holidays puzzle

Our son Jake hit the road early, with his dog Cooper in tow, to drive from his home in Fort Collins to ours in St. Louis.  We tracked his progress all day.

Looked like Jake and Cooper would roll in around 7:30. 

So we whipped up a pan of chicken tikka masala and a pot of jasmine rice…

…and we waited. 

Jake’s twin sister, Maddie, arrived last Thursday. 

She discovered on our shelves some old cookbooks, relics from the 1930s, that belonged to her great-grandmother Liz, my Dad’s mother. 

On page 542 of the The Settlement Cookbook, Maddie found recipes for cocktails. 

Our refrigerator was stuffed with lemons, limes, and oranges, and the liquor cabinet had plenty of whiskey so Maddie whipped up a batch of Whiskey Sours – just like Grandma Liz used to make…

…And we sipped and waited. 

The second batch of sours was ready just in time for Jake’s arrival.

Maddie greeted him at the door with a hug and a cocktail. 

Our dog, Moose, greeted Cooper with some friendly wrestling. 

And then we sat down for dinner – the four of us (and our dogs)…

…together again. 

I woke this morning, ready for one last day of work before the holiday kicked in. I was gearing up to write one of my story-with-a-business-lesson emails. 

But I decided, instead, to share this home-for-the-holidays story, and then take the rest of the day off. 

The gang’s all here. 

Time to soak that in. 

Time sit by the fireplace and count our blessings. 

Time to celebrate the season, tell stories, play games, feast with family, toast old relatives. 

Work can wait. 

I hope you soak it in, too. 

Count your blessings. Connect with family and friends. Enjoy the holidays. 

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