This Magic Phrase Will Help You Attract More Leads


I was planning to send a different message this morning…

…until I read an email from one of my favorite marketing experts Dave Dee (check out his stuff here). 

He offered a tip that is so good I had to postpone the other email so I could share the idea with you now.

Here’s the tip: 

“Whenever you talk about a feature, always follow up with saying, ‘…which means to you…’”


Our tires have expanding rain grooves

…which means to you…

water is pulled from the pavement and you get better traction in rainy weather

That magic phrase — “Which means to you…” — has moved the message from feature (rain grooves) to benefit (better traction).

That, alone, will make your marketing better. 

But you can take it a giant step further. 

You want to move from feature to benefit and further, still, to transformation.

You do that by repeating “…which means to you…” and then repeating it over and over until you have a compelling transformation story.


which means to you that water is pulled from the pavement and you get better traction

…which means to you…

no hydroplaning and no accidents

…which means to you…

all of the passengers in the car will arrive safely

…which means to you…

(and now I’m imagining how this makes my prospects feel. I’m imagining their experience. I’m imagining their story.)

your drive through a rainstorm won’t be stress-fest. No longer will you grip the wheel so tightly your hands ache

Or I imagine this story…

you won’t lay awake at night worrying about your teen driver every time he’s out with the car on a dark, stormy night.

A marketing story doesn’t have to be a novella or a screenplay. It just needs to evoke an image, a brief happening, that reflects your prospects’ experiences.

Feature: Rain grooves

Benefit: Better traction.

Higher-level Benefit: No hydroplaning. No accidents. 

Transformations: Peace of mind. Less stress and worry. Happy, safe family. 

The deeper you dive with “which means to you…” the closer you get to a powerful story that attracts leads, keeps them tuned in, and inspires them to act. 

If your marketing starts with, “Our tires have expanding rain grooves that pull the water from the pavement,” prospects yawn and tune out. 

If you lead with, “Our tires have better traction,” you may pique their interest, but that claim isn’t unique and it doesn’t trigger an emotional response. 

But if you start with the story, you draw them in: “Remember the last time you drove through a pounding rain with loved ones in the car? Were you confident that your tires were up to the task? Or were you clutching the wheel so tightly that your hands ached?” 

Now you’ve got their attention. Now they’re ready to hear about expanding rain grooves. 

Powerful stories are like a super magnet that connects to prospects’ emotions and creates irresistible attraction. If they can relate to the story, they can more clearly see how the features will help them. 

That’s why marketing masters start with story.


Don't go away yet..

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