I Reveal This Mistake So You Don’t Repeat It


I got some great advice from a marketing expert last week after he read one of my emails.

If you’ve read my emails lately, you’ve noticed that I offer a free Story Assessment. I’ll review your website, social media or any other channel where you tell your story. Then I’ll reveal ways to power up your story so leads tune in, stay tuned, and act.

That’s a great offer. Everyone who has taken me up on it has gotten huge value.  

Anyhow, the marketing expert read my email about Spiderman and replied to me with this:

“Well written email, Tom. I think you should remove the line between the body of the email and the call to action, though.”

In other words, don’t bury the call-to-action (CTA).

That’s great advice. The call-to-action (offer for the free Story Assessment) was buried under a divider line, below the main content of the email. 

And here’s the thing: I already understood why that’s a bad idea, at least rationally.

I replied to the expert (I share this with you as advice you can apply to your business):

“I have to get past treating the CTA as an afterthought. I have to stop burying it in the p.s. or under a line as if it’s secondary, footer content. I write the story to make the sale. I make the sale to deliver on the promise in the story.”

What do I mean?

I send these emails to you as a free service. But I’m not running a charity. I do this — and all my marketing — to grow my business. I write these stories to make the sale.

And if I make the sale, those who buy will benefit greatly. The stories I tell promise a transformation. When I make the sale, I deliver on the promise. 

I know that rationally, but as I told the expert:

“I still fall into the trap of treating the CTA as something separate from the content. It’s a subconscious apology for ‘littering’ the valuable content with a sales pitch. But the ‘apology’ isn’t necessary. The free story assessment (and the paid services that follow) are gifts intended to help those who partake.”

I know that’s true because I’ve seen how my clients benefit from what I sell. I seen how much even a free, 30-minute session can help someone. I know those who partake benefit and achieve meaningful transformations.

When I work with clients on their business stories, we explore how they will transform the lives of those who buy from them. If you believe your buyers benefit from your products and services, don’t bury the sales pitch. Because selling is a gift intended to help those who partake. 

So…if you want to partake in the benefits I offer — if you want more leads to tune in, stay tuned, and act…

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Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.