How 1 Pic and 3 Words Transform A Boring Log Into a Romantic Tale

My friend Cabanne Howard (a great marketing strategist) sent this picture to me the other day…

It’s a closeup of this Duraflame log…

Cabanne thinks it’s a great example of story-powered marketing. 

And she’s right.  

Feeble marketing focuses on features.  

Better marketing focuses on benefits.  

The best marketing — story-powered marketing — promises  transformations.  

A Duraflame log  features sawdust and renewable agricultural fibers mixed together with wax and other combustibles to form a “log” wrapped in easy-to-light paper.  

The benefits: Light it with one match. No newspaper, lighter fluid, or other fire-starting aids required (less hassle!). It generates a warm glow and warmth for 4+ hours.  

So…that’s all well and good. But what’s the transformational story? What makes  this message so effective?  

Imagine this… 

Another weekend night at home. Cooped up in your COVID cocoon.  

You and your honey sink into the sofa, grab the remote, and — yet again — search for something to see on Netflix.  

On most nights, your honey falls asleep halfway through the latest episode of…whatever.  

But tonight, your honey puts a Duraflame in the fireplace and fills the living room with that warm glow… 

…that  romantic, warm glow.  

“Tonight’s the night!” (Fade to black.) 

You may roll your eyes at the melodrama.  

But one picture and three words on that Duraflame package DO tell a powerful story that elevates the marketing message beyond benefits (yawn!)… 

…to transformation (yeah!).  

One picture and three words: Transform just another night of television into a romantic night in front of a glowing, long-lasting fire. 

Tonight’s the night.

Thanks for reading. 

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