Conventional Lunacy You Must Ignore

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I read some marketing advice last week that was SO bad I had to share it with you…

…so you can add it to the top of your “Do Not Do This!” list. 

It came from a so-called marketing “expert” in one of those fancy-shmancy magazines for entrepreneurs. 

The article contained dos and don’ts for “content marketing.” 

Here’s the “expert” advice: 

You’re doing content marketing right if your content “rarely, if ever, actively promotes your brand outright. CTAs (calls-to-action) are great, but you aren’t trying to push your readers to your solutions.”

No! No! No! Toss that advice in the shredder. Take the shredded advice to the nearest incinerator. Turn it to ash. 

It’s BAD advice, and if you follow it, you’ll let down prospects who are itching to buy. You’ll suppress sales. And for what? 

Your solutions are…

…wait, for it…


You help your prospects. You solve problems. Those who buy your solutions benefit from them. 

Why, oh why, would you choose not to share solutions with those who would benefit from them?

Many people who read your content are ready to act. They need what you sell. They want what you sell. They’re eager to buy what you sell…

…but they won’t know how to act if you don’t give them a call-to-action.

Conventional lunacy suggests that you come off as “pushy” and “irritating” if you include calls-to-action in your emails. 

A well-placed call-to-action is not “pushy.” A call-to-action is answering a prospect’s need. It’s allowing a prospect to scratch an itch.

As for the people who are not ready to buy…

They don’t tune out because your content includes CTAs. They tune out because your content is boring and irrelevant and/or it conains ONLY pitches.

If you create content that is informative, entertaining, and valuable…

…if you create story-powered content…

…they will tune in…

…even if you include a call-to-action in EVERY email — as you should.

Speaking of which…

Want to create informative, entertaining, valuable content that will captivate prospects, put them on the edge of their seats, and lead to more sales? 

I’ll show you how… 

p.s. Coaches, consultants and other business leaders turn to me to power-up their stories because most dish out the same old boring, "blah, blah, blah" content, turn off prospects and then feel frustrated and stuck. So I help them transform content from boring to brilliant, turn the marketing process from frustrating to fun, and convert results from pitiful to profitable. Bottom line, you can fire up prospects and inspire them to hire you with story-powered content that's simple to create. I'll show you how. Whenever you're ready, here are several ways I can help you land more clients without pitching and prodding:

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