Bruce Springsteen’s Ode to Fallen Heroes

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I usually don’t send emails on Saturday’s. But I make an exception today.

In addition to Story Power Marketing, I run a thing called (ware)HOUSE Concerts — a venue in St. Louis where (before the virus) we would host intimate concerts in a space that can best be described as a warehouse turned into an oversized living room.

Concerts are on hold for a while. Meanwhile, I’m sending everyone on the (ware)HOUSE Concerts list a “Song of the Day” email — 7 days a week. Each tells a bit about the song and links to it on YouTube. I also add the song to public playlists on Spotify and Apple Music. If you have those services, you can save the playlists, which grow by one song every day. (Playlist links below).

I think we all remember where we were and how we felt when those planes hit the towers 20 years ago. I agree with the sentiment: Never forget. And I believe all of us should remember and honor fallen heroes.

So I decided to share today’s Song of the Day email with my list. If you want to continue receiving Song of the Day emails, go to and join the email list.

Here’s that email…



20 years since THE 9/11.

Bruce Springsteen reunited the E-Street Band and released “The Rising” in July 2002.

15 songs. 15 different characters trying to make sense of the senseless, declaring their love for those lost, searching for hope and fortitude, honoring fallen heroes.

I love this album.

The second track is

Today’s Song (with lyrics included below)

Title: Into the Fire

Artist: Bruce Springsteen

Album: The Rising (2002)

Link to YouTube Video

Link to Lyrics

Here are the Playlists:



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