Which of These Are You?


In yesterday’s Monday Mash-Up, I shared this this article about the director Chloé Zhao. 

Her new movie, Nomadland, is getting a lot of Oscar buzz. And she’s getting lots of attention. 

Well deserved, I believe.  

The article has several great business lessons. Here’s one…

Zhao met her husband, cinematographer Joshua James Richards, when they were film students at New York University. 

Richards and Zhao became romantic and professional partners at NYU. 

In the article, he describes why he fell for her: 

“Most people I was spending time with were sitting around talking about their projects. Chloé was doing them. And so I jumped on that train.”

Talker or doer…

…which are you? 

Are you sitting around and talking about all those things you’re going to do for your business? 

Or are you doing them?

Thanks for reading.

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