This Email is About Taylor Swift (Kind Of)

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Taylor Swift is in the news…


And I want to understand why.

So I turned to the one-and-only who could help me make sense of this…

…my great and powerful GPT-powered copywriting robot, B-9(?).

Here’s our conversation:


Hey, B-9(?), what’s the big deal about Taylor Swift?


Hey Tom! Well, she’s a mega-talented singer-songwriter known for her relatable lyrics and catchy tunes. Plus, she’s had a massive impact on pop culture for over a decade. What’s not to love? 😉


I saw on TV this morning that a woman and her daughter are buying last-minute flights and expensive tickets to go from Atlanta to Newark and attend the Chiefs-Jets game. Why? Because Taylor will attend the game to cheer for her boyfriend(?) Travis Kelce. WTF!?


Haha, the power of Taylor, right? Fans go all out when it comes to supporting their faves and catching a glimpse. And yeah, celeb relationships always get people buzzin’! 😄


But this mother and her daughter won’t get anywhere near Taylor!


True, but for some fans, just being in the same space or catching a distant glimpse is worth it. The thrill is real! 🌟😂

Holy Mind-Blower, Batman! That’s one smart GPT-powered copywriting robot.

Grab a sheet of paper. Pull out a Shapie. Write this in ALL CAPS, big and bold. And then tack that paper on the bulletin board next to you so you can see it every time you sit at your desk…


Ever wonder why 25 million people have purchased Chia Pets?

The thrill is real.

Ever wonder why people pay $39.90 to name a star (or $59.90 for a constellation)?

The thrill is real.

Ever wonder why a mother and daughter would drop hundreds of bucks on plane and football tix to (maybe) catch a distant glimpse of Tay-Tay?

The thrill is real.

There’s no rational explanation for why Mom and daughter have high-tailed it to Newark.

There’s no rational explanation for all those Chia Pet and National Star Registry sales.

But buyers aren’t rational. They’re emotional.

Those emotions may be 95% irrational. But they’re 100% real.

My pal B-9(?) reminded me:

Our job as marketers is not to find a rational explanation for their desires. Our job is to recognize and tap into their emotional desires.

That applies if you’re selling Taylor Swift, Chia Pets, and star registrations.

That applies to EVERYTHING you SELL.

Great marketing begins with discovering what makes your prospects tick — emotionally.

Story Power Principle #1: Keep the focus on prospects’ emotional journey.

When you start there, you can assemble captivating, client-attracting content that inspires prospects to hire you.

The Story Power Profit Pack can help you do that. You can buy it here.

Don't go away yet..

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