Monday Mash-Up ~ Vol. 2, Ep. 13


Recommended Viewing
Ken Burns on Earnest Hemingway

If you want to achieve mastery, study the masters. Earnest Hemingway was a master writer and storyteller — first as a journalist and later as a short story writer and novelist. Ken Burns and his partner Lynn Novick are master documentary filmmakers.

Hemingway — a three-part, six-hour documentary by Burns and Novick — premiered on PBS last week. It’s great. My wrist is sore from all my note-taking.Here’s the trailer:

Recommended Reading
Hemingway on How to Become a Great Writer

Here’s a great article that summarizes advice Hemingway offered a young writer in the 1930s. I especially love this quote from Hemingway about empathy — an idea we emphasize here at Story Power Marketing:

“… get in somebody elseʼs head for a change. As a writer, you should not judge. You should understand…”

More Recommended Reading
Earnest Hemingway on Writing

If you want to dive deeper than the article above, check out this book. It’s one I read every year or two. Hemingway didn’t create this book. It’s a collection of Hemingway’s scattered writings compiled in 1984 by editor Larry W. Phillips.

It’s full of priceless tips for anyone who wants to be a better writer and storyteller.

Recommended Listening
Time-Honored Tradition

Natalie Hemby may be the best songwriter you’ve never heard of. And Time-Honored Tradition is the one she wrote that I love best. It’s about home and family and bonds that don’t break.

Here are the first few lines (click here to read all the lyrics and to listen to the song):

I’ve been travelin’ far and wide
Searchin’ for a comfort I could only find
In a kindred town filled with good company

Custom-built like a picket fence
Where the first one you meet is a trusted friend
And loves the alma mater
The glass is never half-empty

Words to Ponder
Clara Barton on Danger, Fear, and Courage

Clara Barton was a nurse during the US Civil War who later founded the American Red Cross. She died on this day in 1912, and she said this:

“I may be compelled to face danger, but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can stand and feed and nurse them.”

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