How the U.S. Grant Playbook Can Help Your Business


Here’s a TV recommendation:

Watch “Grant,” the new three-part documentary on the History Channel (here’s the trailer). 

Ulysses S. Grant was a complicated man.

Some historians have painted him as a drunk, a villain, a reckless general who got lucky, a corrupt politician.

This documentary rewrites that history.

It exposes some of the warts. But generally, it portrays Grant as a military genius — a great tactician and strategist — who won the Civil War for the Union.

And it portrays him as a visionary and brave politician who believed in the idea that “all men are created equal.” He tried to reconstruct America to live up to that ideal.

Here’s the thing I found most interesting about Grant, the thing that inspires me to write about him here:

He was relentless. He always chose to act, rather than react. He believed that you win when you take the initiative. You lose if you wait for the action to come to you.

So it goes in business.

That’s especially true this year.

I see so many business leaders who press pause, stop moving, lose initiative, wait for the action to come to them.

I see others who recognize these dark days but still move forward, inch by inch. They’re relentless. They choose to act, rather than react. They take the initiative. They don’t sit still, praying for good outcomes, while bad outcomes approach.

Those are the leaders looking for ways to improve their operations, improve their sales, improve their marketing…

…improve their stories so their business can move forward now and thrive later. 

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