How Often Should You “Sell” in Your Emails?


In a moment, I’m going to tell you how to get a free copy of my upcoming book.

But first…

…another sneak peek, this from Chapter 7…

I asked ChatGPT recently, “How often should I sell in my emails?” 

The robot hemmed and hawed a bit before saying, “A common approach is to follow the 80/20 rule, where approximately 80% of your content provides value and 20% is promotional.”

Bad answer, Robot. Don’t buy that bull, dear reader. 

I suspected the robot would say this. ChatGPT compiles its answers from stuff it “reads” online. And the internet is full of people who spout this nonsense.

One of my clients told me about a storytelling “expert” who spouted the same 80/20 BS. The guru preached a 1:4 sales-to-story ratio – one sales email for every four “storytelling emails.” 

Here’s the problem with this advice. It suggests promotional content does not provide value. 

If you divide your content into “valuable” versus “promotional,” you buy into the myth and you train your audience to believe it. 

They’ll love your entertaining, “valuable” content. They’ll hate and ignore the promotions. A recipe for business failure. 

In Chapter 2, I said, “…the difference between unethical manipulation and ethical persuasion is INTENT. You intend to help your clients.”

“Help,” as in “provide value.” 

When you promote your products and services, you persuade prospects to recognize the value. You persuade them to act in their best interest. That’s not an imposition. That’s a gift. 

If you treat promotions as UN-valuable, you devalue your products and services. You withhold your gifts.  

Promote with confidence and pride. Stand behind your products and services. You will sell more, and your clients will benefit more.  You will not impose upon those who buy. You will help them.  

That’s why my ratio is 1:1. Every piece of story-powered content provides value. Every piece sells. Every piece includes a next step. 

I shared the excerpt yesterday during a session of my Content Marketing Masters program.

We had a great conversation about what we “sell.”

Products and services? Sure. But we also sell complimentary stuff — e-books, live trainings, strategy sessions, and more.

Wise and wonderful R.J. Redden said she thinks of all those “next steps” and promotions as “invitations,” as in…

“I invite you to enjoy my e-book.” or “I invite you to join my paid program.”

A great way to look at it — as gifts, not impositions.

So now…

…I invite you to get my book.

Reply to this email today (September 6, 2023) with “Story Power Book,” and I’ll send you a free copy after I publish it. No cost for the book. No sock-it-to-you “shipping and handling” charges.

Don't go away yet..

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