Why This Email Gives You a “Serious Competitive Edge”

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I’ve been thinking a bunch about how happy doctors diagnose better (see yesterday’s email)…

…and how, as Shawn Achor, wrote…

“Even the smallest shots of positivity can give someone a serious competitive edge.”

Makes me wonder about my emails.

Each weekday I serve you some marketing nourishment — seasoned with personality and sweet humor. 

I add the sugar and spice because…

…Information-only is not enough. 

Information-only emails are like the foulest tasting medicine. Good for you, maybe, but difficult to swallow. 

(Mary Poppins was right about a spoonful of sugar ☂️)

When you spice-up your emails with stories, personality and humor, your followers gobble them up, read them top-to-bottom, and respond to your calls-to-action. 

That’s good for you…

…and for your readers who benefit from your wisdom. 

But there’s more to it than that. 

When you write emails with personality, humor and entertaining stories, readers don’t just benefit from your wisdom. They benefit from the shot of positivity. 

My emails make you smile, don’t they? 😊
If yes, that gives you a competitive edge. 

Some days, my emails dish out information you don’t need or you already know. 

But they’re still valuable because they dish out a spoonful of happiness to boost your creativity, focus, and productivity. 

The happiness lifts you every time — even when the information doesn’t.

That’s why I’ve come up with a new name for these little shots of positivity I serve you every weekday…

You are currently gobbling up a…


Daily(ish) marketing nourishment. 
Tastes great. More ful-filling. 

(Yum! 😋)

I’ve whipped up and dished out Happ-e-Mails for years. I just didn’t know that’s what they’re called until I noodled on those happiness-powered doctors. 

So now you know. 

You can start every weekday with a Happ-e-Mail. And when you do, you’ll have a serious, happiness-fueled competitive edge. 

One more thing…

My soon-to-be-released Email Marketing Power will be like a cookbook, loaded with recipes to help you create your own happ-e-mails. 

If you want to create emails that readers gobble up (and that give them a competitive edge)…

…reply to this email and say,
“I want those recipes.” 

I’ll put you on the early-bird list — which will give you access to discounts and bonuses. Email Marketing Power won’t be cheap. But early-birds will get more for less (talk about a competitive edge). 

Don't go away yet..

p.s. Coaches, authors, and consultants hire me to power-up their creative content and storytelling to captivate prospects, stand-out and book more business.

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