The Secret to Terminate Mice AND Marketing Frustration


The mouse was mocking me.

He crawled from his hiding place under the dishwasher, skittered toward the fridge, and then paused to stare at me – as if to pose. 

I could have sworn I heard him squeak, 

“Look at me, sucker!
Catch me if you can. 
Ha! Ha! Ha!” 

And then, cool as a cuke, he moseyed to the entrance of his under-fridge cavern, turned to look at me again, and squeaked, 

Hasta la vista, baby. 
I’ll be back! 

He wasn’t kidding. 

Mockingmouse and his pals have tormented Melissa and me for weeks. 

We’ve tried to fight back. 

First with wooden traps. Those are great at crunching human fingers. But they don’t catch many mice. 

Then the idiot-proof plastic traps. Simple to set. Easy on the fingers. But crazy-making when you wake each morning to see a bait-less, mouseless trap. 

The last time I checked those traps, I could have sworn I heard a mouse squeak,

Thanks for the
peanut butter!
Keep it comin’!

Then out came the glue traps, strategically placed in front of the dishwasher and fridge. 

Here’s what happened next…

Mockingmouse slipped past the trap in front of the dishwasher (I have no idea how). He strolled toward the fridge, got to the edge of the field-o’-glue, and then jumped over the trap into his hideaway. 

Really. This happened. I saw it. I’ll never unsee it. 

The next day, our mutt Moose got into the glue traps.

(Have you ever tried to remove glue traps from a curly-coated dog? Not fun!)

I was ready to surrender!

I told Melissa I was moving out. I was headed to Toontown to join Yosemite Sam, Wile E Coyote, and Tom (Cat) in anger management counseling.

Melissa convinced me to stay.

“We’ll hire an exterminator,” she promised. 

And now I have hope.

I picture the ex-TERMINATOR turning the tables.

I imagine him saying “Hasta la vista!?!? I’ll show you ‘Hasta la vista!'” before exterminating the Mockingmice with a flamethrower.

(Who’s laughing now, sucker!?) 

Sitting here now, anticipating glorious vengeance, I can’t help but wonder…

Why didn’t we call the
exterminator sooner? 

Our do-it-yourself mouse-catching campaign got us nowhere. All we got was a bunch of crunched fingers, bruised egos, sticky dogs, and anger eruptions. 

We could have spared ourselves so much misery — if only we asked for help sooner. 

So it goes in pest removal. 

So it goes in marketing. 

Most of the coaches, consultants, and other experts who hire me start by flying alone. 

They think they can create client-attracting content without help from an expert. 

And then they dish out the same-old boring content. Prospects tune out and turn off. And the experts feel stuck. That’s when they call me. 

(Ironic, because coaches, consultants, and other experts wouldn’t be in business if their clients chose to fly alone.) 

If you’re catching lots of mice landing all the clients you want while flying alone, I commend you. 

If you’re not landing as many clients as you wish…

…if content creation is more frustrating than fruitful…

…if you suffer from writer’s block…

…if you’re not sure how to create sticky, client-attracting content consistently and comfortably…

…maybe it’s time to call an expert for help. 

Every week, I set aside a few slots on my calendar to meet with business people to discuss what’s working with their marketing and sales, what’s not, and where they could use some help. 

Sometimes that leads to us working together. Sometimes that leads me to recommend other resources. In every call, I offer actionable advice. 

If you’d like to schedule a call, reply to this email with “Let’s meet” in the subject line. I’ll reply with a calendar link so we can book a call.

Don't go away yet..

p.s. Coaches, authors, and consultants hire me to power-up their creative content and storytelling to captivate prospects, stand-out and book more business.

Whenever you're ready, here are several ways I can help you become a storytelling stand-out so you'll land more clients without pitching and prodding:

1) Get the Story Power Profit Pack -- 52 Strategies, Tips, and Tactics  to Transform Your Content from Ignored to Adored.

2) Watch the free, 7-minute Micro-Training: “The 3 Most Important Storytelling Keys to Captivate Prospects and Inspire Them to Act -- Without Pitching and Prodding.”

3) Become a Story Power VIP: Master how to discover, assemble, and deliver business-building stories. Twice-monthly live masterclasses. Members-only content. One-on-one feedback and consulting sessions. And more… If you'd like to learn more about our VIP program, just reply to this email and put "Story Power VIP" in the subject line. I’ll contact you with more details.

4) Work with me one-on-one: If you’re interested in working directly with me -- to discover, assemble, and deliver powerful, business-building stories -- simply reply to this email and change the subject line to "Private Client." Tell me a little about yourself, your business, and what you'd like to accomplish, and I'll reply to discuss options.

5) Invite me to speak at an event: I can tailor a presentation that meets the specific needs of your organization. Informative. Entertaining. Virtual or live. Potential for continuing education credits when applicable for your group. If interested, reply to this email and change the subject line to “Speaking Engagement.” I’ll circle back to discuss the possibilities.

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Tom Ruwitch

Tom Ruwitch is the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing. For more than 30 years, he has helped businesses grow by delivering powerful stories using a variety of different media.