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How to Make Your Business Grow Without Being a Braggy, Bigshot Bro

How do you put yourself out there so you transform from overlooked to overbooked? That’s one of many questions I discuss with business growth strategist Cat Stancik during this episode of the Story Power Marketing Show podcast. Excerpt video below. Full episode wherever you get your favorite podcasts or here:

Recommended Reading
How Content Marketing Has Evolved

Thanks to Kara Gamber, a member of the Story Power VIP program, who passed along this article.

The big takeaway: Tools and tactics evolve. But century-old fundamentals remain the same. I recommend this article to reinforce those fundamentals. It contains great examples from decades past. Loads of lessons in this article.

What Do You Think?
Is Persuasion Legal?

Here’s a great post from Ted Prodromou that explores if/when it’s OK to use persuasion tactics in your marketing.

As Ted writes, “So is it ethical to intentionally influence or persuade someone?”

That’s an important question for marketers.

Last week, Ted and I launched the Mastermind Book Club. And the first book we’re reading is “Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive.”

By choosing that book, Ted and I acknowledge that persuasion is good — when practiced ethically. But with the great power of persuasion comes great responsibility.

Here’s a post that describes how the book club works:

And here’s Ted’s post:

You can read Ted’s post without joining the Club. But if you want to join the conversation and weigh in, you have to join (it’s free).

Recommended Reading
9 Strategies To Make Content Creation Effective And Enjoyable

Here’s an excellent article from Inc. Tips to create bette content and make the process more enjoyable. We’re all about that here at Story Power Marketing.

Words to Ponder
Prepare for the BEST

“Do you ever ask yourself how much better your outcomes would have been if you’d prepared for the best?”

– Dixie Gillaspie

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