Monday Mash-Up ~ 2022.02.28


Recommended Listening
Before It Happened

Former journalist Donna Loughlin launched a PR firm 20 years ago to help visionary business leaders share their stories. Her podcast, Before It Happens, is one of my new favorites. Here’s the description from the podcast website:

Before any world-changing innovation… there was a moment, an event, a realization that sparked the idea. Before it Happened is a show about that idea. Each week, we take a deep dive into a singular lightbulb moment that inspired the visionaries to push forward and change our lives.

Recommended Viewing and Listening
Donna Loughlin on the Story Power Marketing Show

Speaking of Donna Loughlin, she was my guest recently on my podcast, The Story Power Marketing Show. We had a great conversation about how to how to humanize your business story and why it matters.

In the video excerpt below, Donna discusses the importance of noticing and why we should take our noses out of our phone and “look up.”

Listen anywhere you get your favorite podcast or on our website.

Recommended Resource
Sleep Better with Light-Blocking Stickers

Many months ago, I used light-blocking tape to block the LED lights on various devices around my bedroom — on the TV, the Apple TV receiver, and other hardware. Once they were taped over, I realized how much light those little LEDs put off — and how all that light can interfere with sleep. Not convinced? Here’s an article that may open your eyes (along with a pitch for some of that tape).

Recommended Reading
6 Grammar Rules You Can Break

Write like you speak. Really. It’s OK. If we focus too much on following all those grammar rules we learned in high school and college, our writing may make our English teachers happy, but it won’t be as captivating and engaging for readers. That’s why I’m sharing this article: 6 Grammar Rules Copywriters Should be Breaking.

Words to Ponder
…from John Steinbeck

Yesterday was John Steinbeck’s birthday. He once said…

“There are no ugly questions except those clothed in condescension.”

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