I Met a Remarkable Woman


I met a remarkable woman yesterday.

Her name is Sarah Walugembe. She lives in Uganda.

Her mom left her when she was two months old. Her dad died a few years later.

She married when she was 14. She thought marriage was her ticket to a better life.

But her husband was a bad man.

He didn’t lift a finger to raise money for food and shelter. He didn’t help around the house or with the kids.

All he did was sleep with other women and strike Sarah when the mood struck him.

As she told her story to us yesterday, more than a decade later, she cried.

“He was a tyrant. My life was very dangerous. I suffered a lot,” Sarah said.

She thought she couldn’t escape…

…until 2009 when the phone rang.

The caller offered a way out, a path to freedom, that ticket to a better life.

The caller, Theresa Carrington, runs a nonprofit organization, Ten By Three, that helps impoverished women become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.

Self-sufficiency means freedom…

…freedom to earn a living, feed and shelter a family, and escape a tyrant.

Sarah took the journey Theresa offered.

Today, she’s lives apart from her husband. He doesn’t know where. She never wants to see him again.

Sarah works for Ten By Three as the program’s director in Uganda. She helps women like her escape danger and suffering to achieve freedom, stability, and even prosperity.

This woman who once was trapped told us yesterday, “I can do anything.”

I believe her.

I met Sarah thanks to my friend Virginia Muzquiz who invited me and several others to meet Sarah via Zoom on Saturday.

Virginia has organized the Six Figure Success Summit — a free, 3-day (June 17-19) virtual event that brings together 21 experts who will share business-building strategies.

I’m honored to be one of the presenters along with top-shelf business experts like Dave Dee, Dr. Ivan Misner, Leisa Peterson, Jordan Adler, Josh Turner, and so many more.

Entrepreneurs who attend the summit will discover ways to fuel their passions and fund their dreams. That’s a good enough reason to register and attend.

Here’s an even better reason: The summit will raise awareness and money for Ten by Three.

For every person who registers and attends at least one of the 21+ presentations, Virginia has committed to donate to Ten by Three.

After meeting Sarah and learning more about Ten by Three, I’m planning to do the same.

If you’re an entrepreneur or business leader aiming to grow your business, please register for the summit. It’s free.

You don’t have to attend all the sessions (although those who do will have a leg up on their competition).

One session is all it will take to trigger those donations from Virginia and me (I suspect other experts on the summit roster will be donating, too).

After you accomplish that mission, stick around for more of the business-building sessions. You have so much to gain.

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