Batman Rules for Business and Life


In Friday’s email, I promised to share Batman Rules — business and life lessons from the greatest television show ever.

There are too many Batman Rules to count. I don’t have time or space to share them all here, but I can share five of my favorites. If you follow these rules, you’ll be well on your way to business success.

Rule #24: Always Be Prepared with the Right Tools and Technology

If he hadn’t had a can of Shark Repellent in the Bat-Copter, Batman’s right leg would be in the belly of a Great White.* See for yourself…

(*) Fun fact: This scene is from the Batman movie, not the television show. But it has the same characters and actors and teaches the same business and life lessons. So it qualifies as a source for Batman Rules

I’m not saying you have to carry shark repellent in your utility belt — or as Batman does — have sprays to ward off baracudas, whales, and manta-rays. But you do need a “utility belt” with the right tech and tools for things like email and social media marketing, tracking prospects, hosting online events, and automating time-consuming tasks.

With the right tech and tools, you can profit more while working less.

Rule #63: Don’t Fly Alone

Did you watch the video above? Did you notice how Batman has a sidekick named Robin (a.k.a. his youthful ward, Dick Grayson)? Did you notice how Robin climbed down the copter ladder with the Shark Repellent and saved the day?

Everyone needs a Robin. And an Alfred. And a Commissioner Gordon. Surround yourself with good people. Delegate tasks to your youthful ward… or virtual assistant. Hire a butler to help you manage your stately manor or a consultant/coach to help you manage your business.

Even a multi-millionaire/super-hero can’t do it all alone.

Rule #3: Be Strategic

Without great strategy, your fancy tech is just another whirligig — interesting to watch or play with (almost hypnotic), but ultimately worthless.

Batman is a master strategist. He watches and listens. He thinks many steps ahead. He plans carefully. So he’s always ahead of the game. He uses tech as a tool to support his strategy. So should you.

Rule #14: Perfection is the Enemy of Progress (Experiment and Learn)

In Season 2, Episode 45 (“Batman’s Anniversary”), The Riddler traps the Dynamic Duo in 15 feet of quicksand disguised as strawberry icing atop a giant cake. Batman suggests they use their “experimental heel-to-toe bat rockets” (see #24 above) to escape the quicksand. Robin balks, noting they haven’t tested and perfected the rockets. But Batman persists: “Let’s not put off ’til tomorrow what we can do today, Robin.”

Good advice for crimefighters. Good advice for business people.

Rule #1 (The Most Important): You’re a Mere Mortal and That’s Enough to Get the Job Done

Batman (a.k.a. Bruce Wayne) is merely a man. He didn’t come from another planet with the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound or cut through steel with his x-ray vision.

He wasn’t bitten by a radioactive spider (no spidey sense for him).

He’s not an Amazonian princess with magical powers bestowed by the Gods.

And neither are you.

When I encourage business people to create more captivating, story-powered content, many tell me they don’t have what it takes. They think “creativity” and “storytelling” are magic arts. Some have it. Some don’t.

I call B.S. on all that negative thinking.

You don’t have to be from another planet or get bitten by a spider to harness your storytelling superpower.

You don’t have to be a creative unicorn, be a daughter of Zeus, or summon a muse from Mt. Olympus.

This isn’t magic — just as crimefighting in Gotham City isn’t magic.

If you think you don’t have what it takes, think again.

Study and train to hone your storytelling skills — just as Dick (encouraged by Bruce) studied to become super.

You can be a storytelling super hero. Follow these Batman rules, including #63. Don’t fly alone. Get help as needed.

That’s why I’m here — to help you harness your marketing power to captivate prospects, stand out, and book more business.

More about that in the p.s. below.

Don't go away yet..

p.s. Coaches, authors, and consultants hire me to power-up their creative content and storytelling to captivate prospects, stand-out and book more business.

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