Monday Mash-Up ~ Vol. 2, Ep. 21

falling water

You’re Invited…
Six-Figure Summit: Priceless Presentations and the Price is Right

Later this month, I’ll be one of the featured speakers at the Six Figure Success Summit — a three-day virtual event featuring 21 experts who will share their secrets on how to create a sustainable six-figure income through entrepreneurship! It’s completely free to register and watch every single masterclass from some of the BEST coaches in the business!

My friend Virginia Muzquiz (The Referral Diva) has created the Six Figure Success Summit to give you an actionable strategy for building your business in a way that fuels your passions, funds your dreams, and has massive impact on the community where you live and serve.

CLICK HERE to register for the event.

You’ll be able to tune in to my session as well as gain access to 20+ presentations over three days — June 17-19.

Also, when you attend the Six Figure Success Summit, you’ll be helping Third World artisans become entrepreneurs who lead their families into prosperity! For each registration, Virginia will donate to, a Global nonprofit that has already graduated nearly 10,000 women (and their families) across the world from poverty by helping them become entrepreneurs.

THANK YOU, in advance, for supporting the summit and me and — more importantly — helping to restore dignity and humanity to these resilient, beautiful and often forgotten and invisible citizens of the world.

Recommended Tools
Affordable Microphones for Better Audio

A lot of people who have seen my videos have asked what kind of microphone of using to get the great audio quality.

Here’s what I recommend: Audio Technica’a ATR-2100x-USB.

Note: It’s a cardioid mic, meaning it picks up everything in front of it, and blocks sounds from the side. Ideal, if you’re sitting or standing in the same place relative to the mic. But not the right mic if a) You’ll have the mic fixed in one spot and you’ll be moving around (i.e. at a live seminar) or b) You use it to interview people in the same room.

Another great mic is the Blue Yeti$30 more than the Audio Technica (and a little bulkier and ideal for a desktop boom, like my setup). But you can change the pattern settings. So you set it to cardioid if it’s just you recording at your desk, bidirectional if it’s you and another person sitting across from you, omnidirectional if you want to pick up sounds from all directions (ideal to record a meeting or seminar), or stereo to pick up sounds from two either side.

Two excellent mics that won’t break the bank.

Recommended Visit
Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Masterwork

Tomorrow (June 8) is Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday. Many consider his masterwork to be Fallingwater, the house he designed in Mill Run, Pa. It’s a remarkable place — well worth a visit (it’s about 90 minutes away from Pittsburgh). Meanwhile, this video can’t do the place justice. But it will have to suffice. It includes some great stories about Wright and his process.

Recommended Reading
Want More Customers? Solve Their Problems

Here’s a great article from Marketing Insider Group that outlines a great approach to content marketing. A key point from the article: “The vast majority of the 1,000 most frequently searched prompts on Google are how-to questions.”

What does that mean for you and your content strategy? Read on…

Words to Ponder…
From Frank Lloyd Wright

“The heart is the chief feature of a functioning mind.”

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