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52 strategies, tips, and tactics to transform your content from IGNORED TO ADORED

From IGNORED (as in)...

🥱 Audiences that tune out and move on.

🥱 Prospects who see you as just another boring voice ("blah, blah, blah") in the crowd.

🥱 Competitors who stand above you and land clients who looked past you.

To ADORED (as in)...

🥰 Subscribers and followers who tune in, turn on, and devour your content, top-to-bottom.

🥰 Prospects who know, like, and trust you and say, "Tell me more."

🥰 Clients who choose you, recommend you to others, and stick with you for the long haul.

With the Profit Pack, you will...

💥 Transform your content from ordinary to extraordinary.

💥 Turn marketing from frustrating to fun.

💥 Convert results from not quite right to out of sight.

This is NOT a fairytale, crafted by some all-promise, no-deliver huckster. 

I'm Tom Ruwitch -- storyteller, business-growth catalyst, and content marketing pioneer.

I founded an email marketing company, MarketVolt, in 2001 (when most businesspeople hadn't heard of, much less tried, email marketing). Now, I'm the founder and CEO of Story Power Marketing.

I've spent a quarter-century helping coaches, consultants, authors, and other business leaders attract leads, engage prospects, and generate more than $500 million in sales -- using online and offline marketing strategies and tactics.


Todd Cherches, bestselling author of "Visual Leadership" and CEO of Big Blue Gumball noticed and said,

"When it comes to storytelling, content creation, and marketing strategy, Tom Ruwitch is one of the best in the business!"

And when it comes to content creation and marketing strategy, STORYTELLING is one of the best ways to stand out be noticed, and get hired -- especially now that the AI Copywriting Robots have arrived.

You think it's hard to stand out from the crowd, get noticed, and be hired?

It's only going to get harder...
...for those dishing out the same old content.

Robots can dish out the same old content (maybe better), and they can do it faster.

Sure, you can enlist a robot to write your content. But where will that get you?

With robots working at warp-speed, that heaping pile of almost-human, not-so-captivating content, will become a haystack, higher than Everest. And your content will be just another more-of-the-same needle buried and unnoticed in the stack.

How will you stand out?

By creating entertaining content that is uniquely YOU. Content that is informative and entertaining. Content that has personality. Content with a voice -- a unique human voice.

That's why I founded Story Power Marketing -- to help you find your voice and power-up your content so you captivate prospects and inspire them to act.

And that's why I created the Story Power Profit Pack -- to offer you a storytelling playbook to help you transform your content from boring to brilliant and turn marketing from frustrating to fun.

Here's how audiences respond when you
turn your content from boring to brilliant...

"I don't subscribe to as many email lists as I did in the past. But one list that I'm on, and read religiously, is Tom Ruwitch's. When you read Tom's emails you become addicted to his content. He's a master storyteller." 

Marc Mawhinney

Marc Mawhinney

Coach for Coaches, Podcast Host

"Every time I read one of Tom Ruwitch’s emails, the pay-off is well worth it. I can’t help opening them, since his subject lines are so curiosity-provoking. And then there’s a great story and useful takeaway waiting inside… which is what Tom can teach you to do, too."


Kim Krause Schwalm

A-List Copywriter and Copy Mentor

"The emails that I get from Tom are one of like three that I read on a consistent basis. The content is THAT good. If you want to get your story out in a clear and concise manner, Tom Ruwitch is the guy you need to talk with."

Vance Morris

Vance Morris

Customer Experience Strategist

"I subscribe to a lot of email lists. I count Tom's emails among my favorites. Always entertaining. Always informative. Always original. Tom is the real deal; his authenticity shows through."

Jon Keel

Jon Keel

Business Revenue Maximizatiion Specialist

"When you originally told me how often you were going to send me emails, I was automatically like, "Oh, no, no, no. This is not going to work for me." And then I started seeing them come in. I actually had a folder that they would go into, and I think, "Oh, man, that's a lot of emails." But then I started reading them and I was like, "Oh my gosh, these are fantastic." So now I'm one of those converts. I can't wait to get my email from you. It starts off my day just great"

Nancee Johnson

Nancee Johnson

Digital Marketing Coach & Strategist

"I've studied story all my life. But you have really helped me turn my love of story into emails, posts, and articles that consistently and predictably move the needle in drawing in the exact kind of client I most desire to serve."

Dixie Gillaspie

Dixie Gillaspie

Coach, Consultant, Firestarter

"Your emails are educational and entertaining. You tell great stories that I remember. Your subject lines grab my attention and are related to your email content. You are a rare breed." 

Ted Prodromou

Ted Prodromou

America's Leading LinkedIn Coach

"Tom's emails are always short, punchy, entertaining and insightful. Primarily because he practices what he preaches and tells delightful (and often relatable) stories that get important lessons across in a way that sticks much better than the usual marketing BS out there."

Aleahsa Bahr

Aleasha Bahr

Custom Sales Strategist

"Tom's emails are filled with super-juicy stories that are memorable and help me become a better storyteller and marketer. I don't read many emails, but I rarely miss one from Tom." 

Michael DeLon

Michael DeLon

Marketing Strategist & Book Publisher

Power-up your emails and more...

Lots of love for my emails above. But don't assume the Power Pack is only an email marketing manual.

Let me explain by giving you a (partial) sneak peek at Pointer #1 from the Power Pack...

Pointer #1: Stories Can Power-Up EVERYTHING

I write long stories in my (almost)-daily emails and short stories in social posts. I weave stories into webinars, sales calls, and coaching sessions. I tell tales on podcasts I host — and on ones where I’m a guest.

Stories work everywhere and all the time — not just in occasional emails or posts. During sales calls, stories help prospects relate to you and see the power of your products and services. On your website, stories improve engagement and inspire action (continued...)


A partial list of the
strategies, tips, and tactics
you'll find in the Story Power Profit Pack... 

  • The three most important principles to turn your stories from feeble prospect-repellers to powerful client-attractors (#8, 10 & 11)
  • A marketing master's secret recipe to conquer writer's block (#3)
  • How to generate more sales without becoming a pitchy pest (#16 & 18)
  • Why AI robots create content quickly but generate rotten results (#15)
  • The best way to get prospects' attention -- according to a copywriting legend (#35)
  • 18 places I turn to find story ideas (#36)
  • The business-crushing advice storytelling "experts" dish out that you must ignore (#7)
  • Why acting "unprofessional" might be the secret to professional success (#6)
  • How to add spice and drama to your stories -- without "crossing the line" (#47)
  • The most powerful marketing medium to turn cold leads into engaged prospects and then loyal clients (#41)
  • Story Power's 3E Framework for simple content creation -- so you don't have to master 10-step formulas, understand archetypes, or rehash the hero's journey (#13)
  • Why your most popular content may not be your most profitable -- and how to tell the difference (#49)
  • The difference between a worthless anecdote and a powerful story (#51)
  • Steve Jobs' best presentation practice that you can adopt for your content (#28)
  • How to talk about your prospects' fears -- without coming off as a manipulative, "fear-based" marketer (#14)
  • A simple tactic to open your stories that draws 'em in every time (#48)
  • The secret to "procrastinate" productively and spark creativity (#38)

Critical things to know before you buy...

1) This is not a step-by-step instruction manual. It's loaded with guiding principles, frameworks to follow, and tactical tips. But it doesn't outline specific story ideas. There are no fill-in-the-blank templates. It's not a storytelling course. If that's what you are looking for, I can steer you in the right direction. But this isn't the product for you.

2) Once you purchase the Power Pack, it's yours, and there are no refunds. If that bothers you, please wait to buy it -- perhaps after I publish testimonials from customers who say it was worth every penny.

If you implement the strategies, tips, and tactics in the Power Pack, you will profit on this investment. I've set the ROI-bar very low... can get the Story Power Profit Pack for $103 (less than that if you have a coupon code). Click the blue button to...